Popular Ways to repair a broken tooth

It often happens, that your teeth may break or have some kind of crack. Porcelain veneers in Toronto are used to repair such problems. It is better to treat the breakage on time or you may face infections in teeth. It is better to consult a dentist in this matter.

Below are some options to repair the broken tooth:

  1. Filling with ceramic

The safest way to treat the broken teeth is by using ceramic fillings. A restorative material is used where cracked teeth are repaired in one visit itself. You do not have to spend much and also it is not so much painful. It is useful in cases where the cavity occurs in the teeth.

  1. Root Canal treatment

A cracked or broken tooth may lead to infection in the mouth. This is because a void is there in between the teeth. Hence, to treat it a root canal option is used. First, the infection is removed. Next, the soft part pulp present around the tooth is removed.

  1. Veneers

You may have tooth loss which can affect your beautiful smile. To check such cosmetic issues, various cosmetic treatments are there. Porcelain veneers in Torontomake it possible in repairing the broken tooth and correcting your smile. These are not a permanent solution but can stay for a longer time. Also, the process is pain-free and high-quality material is used in the process.

  1. Crown

This is done after root canal treatment. Your tooth needs protection now. Hence, the dentist places the crown to cover the teeth which are broken. It is mainly done when the tooth becomes less strong and is a convenient option too. It helps in restoring the shape of teeth along with overall appearance. Also, it improves the overall oral health of the person.

  1. Dental implant

This process is an extensive surgical process. It is to restore the broken teeth which are present near the gum-line. First, the broken tooth is removed and then the implant is done. In certain cases, bone and gum are removed.

  1. Bonding

It is the least used method to treat a broken tooth. A chip having composite material is used for correction. Thus, the overall appearance of the teeth gets improved. Later to make the material hard, blue light is placed over the tooth. It finally fixes the broken tooth.

  1. Dental Sealants

Teeth may decay and thus start breaking. For such situations, dental sealants are used. These are plastic coatings that are mainly placed on molars and premolars. These are the chewing surface of the teeth. This method is used to provide extra protection to the teeth. The sealants can be white or may have tint. It also lasts for many years.

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