How Is Acupuncture Helpful For Women With Fertility Issues?

Getting poked and jabbed might not be the most enticing way to enhance fertility in women. But some researches show that acupuncture might be helpful to women in conceiving. Fertility Acupuncture and Women’s Health experts opine that acupuncture can relieve stress and help women relax when there is no stress, the possibility or chances of getting pregnant increase.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is the process that stimulates the nerve ending below the skin surface. The needles are manipulated wisely with soft and soothing electrical stimulation or electropuncture. The process helps the nerves to get activated and helps the body to release endorphins. When a body releases endorphins, it relieves stress and thereby can have a positive impact on fertility in women.

Is it possible to get pregnant?

There is no definite scientifically proving that acupuncture can enhance fertility in women. The good news is that numerous ongoing research studies are promising and show a positive light on the link between Fertility Acupuncture and Women’s Health. Some studies confirm that women undergoing IVF treatment have shown better chances of conceiving when receiving acupuncture treatment before and after IVF fertilization. The conclusion can be made that acupuncture doesn’t harm, and there is hope that the traditional alternative treatment method can be a boon for women struggling with fertility.

How is acupuncture beneficial for fertility in women?

Acupuncture is an age-old tradition that has shown positive results in handling depression and even reducing it. Depression management can be particularly helpful for women struggling to conceive. Stress and anxiety contribute significantly to fertility issues in women. Furthermore, higher levels of stress hormones have a link to the risk of miscarriages. Hence, it is proved that stress, anxiety, and depression are not ideal for women trying to get pregnant or are pregnant. Acupuncture is a natural way to get relief from mental stress.

Risks and side effects

Practicing acupuncture is safe, but it must be carried out by licensed and certified experts familiar with fertility care. When it is executed properly by a licensed doctor, the process has minimal risks and side effects.

  •   Bruising and bleeding at the needle sites
  •   Use of unsterilized needles and the reason for infection
  •   Excessive bleeding due to blood clotting disorder or use of blood thinner
  •   Pushing the needle too far and causing injury

To avoid risks and side effects, it is highly recommended to choose a qualified and certified acupuncture specialist.


The FDA classified acupuncture needles as medical tools. The FDA has regulated that the needles used must be sterile and for single use. When a certified and licensed specialist uses sterile needles and the right equipment, there are minimal chances of injuries or other complications. Anyone planning to try the alternative fertility treatment method must talk to the doctor and proceed with the process. The link between Fertility Acupuncture and Women’s Health is yet to be concluded 100%.

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