Where To Take Your Old Shoes

Shoe donation is an excellent way to eliminate old shoes that you no longer wear or need. This can also be a great way to donate your old sneakers to someone who needs them. Shoe donation makes it possible for people with limited resources and without the means to buy new shoes, to get the support they need.

Here are reasons why you should give away your shoes to a shoe fundraising company.

Help with charity projects

If you have old shoes you don’t wear, donating them to a charity can benefit those in need and make a difference in the world. You can even set up your own charity project by donating your unwanted shoes online or at a local outlet.

Encourage recycling

Donating old shoes helps encourage recycling because people will reuse these items and recycle them into new products such as building materials and furniture or even donate them to charities that recycle other products such as plastic bottles or metal cans.

Reduce home clutter

With too many shoes, you may not be able to find your favorite pair when you need them. This is especially true if you and your family wear different shoes. Reducing the number of shoes in the house reduces clutter. Plus, having fewer pairs of shoes can help keep your home neat and organized.

Save money

Shoes can be expensive. They are also one of the most common items people donate to charity. The average person wears about 20 pairs of shoes in a lifetime, which amounts to about 6 pounds of shoes per year. If you donate these items, you will save money someone’s money because they won’t have to buy new ones.

Help the environment

Your local donation center will recycle your old sneakers and return them to the ecosystem as plastic mulch or recycled materials. This is an excellent way to help reduce our dependence on finite resources such as oil and natural gas and save our planet from pollution caused by wasteful practices such as throwing away worn-out shoes instead of recycling them for reuse in other products such as new sneakers.

Reduce stress

Giving old shoes is a great way to reduce stress. You know, the kind of stress that comes from having to wear uncomfortable shoes, or worse, having several shoes that you don’t wear. The donation of your old shoes can be a solution to this problem.

It brings a sense of fulfillment

If you’ve ever felt the urge to throw out something that’s no longer usable and someone else could use instead, like an old pair of shoes, donating them is a great way to feel good about yourself and help others in need at the same time. Plus, it’s easy, grab your old kicks from under your bed or in the closet, get some cardboard boxes from your local store or get creative with repurposing boxes from other items and head over to your favorite charity organization for pick-up.

Finally, look for a reputable organization that deals with shoe donation, and you’ll have made a difference by helping others.

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