Top Five Ways To Treat Radiation Burns

Radiation burns are injuries on the body caused by exposure to radioactive particles. These radioactive particles include heat radiation, radiotherapy, and ultraviolet light which is radiation from the sun.

Sunburns are the most common type of radiation burns caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Radiation burns are more common in patients who are undergoing radiotherapy. These patients are likely to develop redness around their damaged skin. This shows that the cells beneath that skin have been destroyed by the radiation particles.

These patients must treat these burns as they can lead to the stoppage of treatment thus causing more damage to the body.

As a patient a very crucial question comes to mind; what remedies are suitable for radiation burns?

The following are some of the radiation burn treatments that are commonly used:

Use of amoxicillin

As soon as the patient notices the damage caused to skin by radiotherapy he or she should consult a dermatologist and the doctor handling the cancer treatment to know which medication best suited the patient without having any adverse effects on the body.

It is important to note that amoxicillin has proven to work perfectly but it needs to be approved by both doctors before it can be put to use.

Use of a special gauze

Normally after the appropriate ointment is applied on a burn, gauze is placed on it to ensure that it does get infected and promotes healing.

The type of dressing used should not only promote recuperation but also ensure the patient does not feel any type of twinge.


This is the process of getting rid of toxins from a person’s body. It is also one of the ways through which a person can treat radiation burns.

The patient would have to find a detox plan that agrees with their bodies to reduce the risk of bringing about other infections.

The detox should remove the radioactive particles that are causing the burns. This choice of treatment would, however, require approval from your doctor as there are many ways to detox from the use of natural ingredients to medication.

Consumption of certain minerals

Every type of food that is consumed has a specific benefit to the body. A patient suffering from radiation burns would therefore be advised to consume food that promotes healing.

Among these is a mineral known as Zinc that promotes the repair of the damaged cells and also assists the immune system in its fight against disease-causing bacteria.

Application of ointment

An ointment is used in the treatment of normal burns thus radiation burns would require a special type of ointment since the burns are slightly different than the normal ones.

It is paramount for the doctor to be consulted before any type of ointment is applied as some may just make the situation by leading to another infection.

Radiation burns can be quite painful and uncomfortable hence anyone suffering from them should look for a treatment that not only helps their bodies but is also approved by their doctors.

It would be easier if the patient first consulted the doctor before trying any form of treatment.

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