Tips for Dealing with a Divorce or Separation

We are all creatures of habit and when we have been used to living with a partner for many years, living alone can be difficult; add to that the emotional stress that usually comes with the end of a relationship and that can lead to a whole lot of stress.

Here are a few tips to help you stay positive when going through a separation or divorce.

  • Let your lawyer handle the details – Most people get totally wrapped up in the details; approach the family lawyers in Parramatta and let them handle everything. This allows you to focus on the future and while you can’t completely wipe the past from your mind, you can avoid a lot of the legality by instructing your legal counsel.
  • Take up a hobby – You need to keep busy and when not working, you should throw yourself into something you really enjoy doing. Buy a mountain bike and go and explore the beautiful countryside, or play golf with your best buddy, or why not get that fishing tackle out and start fishing again. Join one of the local gyms and get that six pack back and if you like footie, get down to the local park in the early evenings for a game.
  • Don’t spend time alone – This can lead to drinking or taking drugs, as the mind always starts exploring what went wrong and what might have been and this causes nothing but grief. Your mind needs to be active, if there is OT available at work, throw yourself into that, the extra money will come in handy and when you do have free time, you’ll be too tired to do much thinking.
  • Change of environment – If that job in Bangkok is still available, relocating to a foreign land is a great way to turn over a new chapter in your life, as you will not be around people and things that remind you of the past. Even a new town would offer a lot in terms of making new friends and moving in new circles and if there are no ties, why not explore a little more of the world?
  • Lead an active lifestyle – Staying at home all the time usually leads to negativity, so try to find things to do that keep your mind off the divorce, join a club or rekindle an old friendship, while solo days in the country are beneficial in many ways.

Leave the small stuff to your lawyer and focus on the future and start making plans. It can take a while to finally accept that a relationship has run its course, but once you do, it is easier to focus on the future, which is exciting.

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