Technology Can Bring Family and Friends Together During The Holidays

We live in a globalized world, and nowadays, it is normal for families to live in different cities, countries, and even continents. With the holidays around the corner, it’s normal to start feeling nostalgic, especially if you cannot be near your loved ones during this time of the year.

But as times have changed, there are new ways in which you can feel close to your loved ones. Technology has evolved exponentially over the years, and there are different gadgets and communication channels that can make families feel at home no matter where they are.

According to Forbes, “FaceTime and smart devices allow for video chatting with family when you can’t be together over the holiday season. About one-quarter of adults (23%) expect to Skype on Christmas, including 39% of Millennials, 21% of Gen-Xers, 19% of Boomers, and 11% of Elders.” We know the ideal holiday scenario is to be together under the same roof. However, when that can’t happen, we have multiple options to still reunite as a family, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

There are diverse ways in which technology can help make our holidays even more special. That’s why we will focus on three different options to have handy in case you can’t make it home for the holidays and still need to feel close to your loved ones.

First, and most obviously, you can utilize video calling technology such as Skype and FaceTime. We have seen many people reunite virtually during Christmas and New Year’s especially in a post-pandemic world, all with just a smartphone or a computer. If you live far away from home or are still not comfortable with large gatherings, video calls are a great alternative. Virtual or in-person, the holidays are about seeing our loved ones so make use of these technological advancements to include everyone at your next gathering.

Technology also offers a practical benefit through things like monitoring devices for vulnerable populations. If you are far away from elderly parents or even kids; by giving them monitoring devices, you can feel calm and make sure that nothing bad happens to them all year ‘round (but especially during the holidays.) As the Angel Watch blog states, “Caring for a loved one is no easy task. It can be especially difficult to monitor your family member’s health and keep your aging loved ones safe without stripping them of their privacy and autonomy.”

Lastly, you can demonstrate love through technology solutions such as virtual Christmas cards or holiday playlists. You can find websites and streaming apps that offer the ability to send tidings of comfort and joy from a continent away! Anybody with access to a phone or laptop is just a click away from giving a special gift to their loved ones. If you are able to be in-person, nothing beats a high-tech gadget as a gift either.

Whether remotely or in-person, technology can be a valuable addition to the holiday festivities this year. Don’t let things like distance interfere with having a fun Christmas and New Year’s celebration surrounded by the people you love the most.

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