Intimate Trimming Tips Every Teenager Must Know

Ellen Page once revealed to Conan O’Brien that her “anxiety dreams” were about “pubic hair”. When she is on stage in her underwear preparing to act, she looks down and catches a glimpse of “an old man’s beard or something”. And every teenager can relate.

If waxing or using depilation cream isn’t your thing, get the best at-home sensitive-touch electric hair trimmer. It can gently groom or shave not just the bikini line but facial hair, eyebrows and underarms too. Here are some great tips to trim your private parts safely.

Tips to Trim the Intimate Area Effectively

Clean the Area

Before trimming, ensure proper hygiene down there to prevent any infections. So, start with a shower to clean the intimate area. Lather your pubic hair and surroundings using natural mild soap, better if free from chemicals or fragrance. Try your best to not let the foam go inside your vaginal canal.

Follow the Safety Directions Closely

Go through the safety instructions of your hair trimmer. If recommended, try the device on legs or arms before using it on tender areas like the bikini line. This is important to check if your skin is easily irritated when grooming or is allergic or sensitive to cosmetics. Also, check whether shaving foam or gel is needed. Besides, your trimmer may be water-rinsible but should not be soaked in water.

Likewise, if recommended for use only on dry skin, the device mustn’t accompany you in the shower or bathtub. If you soften your pubic hair with water, wipe it dry properly before trimming.

Clean the Trimmer Blades

An ideal body hair trimmer comes with a cleaning tool/brush. So before jumping straight to the session, clean the trimming blades using the brush. This sweeps away any attached hair, oil, dirt, makeup or sweat that may interrupt grooming.

Use a Comb for Uniform Hair Length

The best bikini line trimmers have a separate bikini head and different combs. Attach the large comb head on the trimmer’s body and use one of the 2 combs (2mm or 4mm). Thus, you can get a desired uniform hair length for grooming.

Trim the Right Way

To trim your bikini line, place the device lightly on your skin and move it against the direction of hair growth. The cutting blades of an electric bikini line trimmer never touch your skin. So, no risks of getting nicks or cuts! If your device has different trimmer heads, a horizontal head can help precisely style your bikini line. Perfect for quick touch-ups! To switch to another trimmer head, just twist the existing attachment. Then release.

Don’t Rush

Allow and trust your hair trimmer blades to do the work. So, go steadily, and don’t push down the device hard on your skin as private parts are delicate. Not just your experience but the results too will be smooth!

Follow all the above tips to trim your intimate area at home like a pro. And your “precious lady” too, like Jennifer Love Hewitt’s, will shine “like a disco ball”!

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