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Importance of painting in our life

Painting is a form of art that makes everything beautiful and elegant. It is an application of pigments that makes an image, design, and decoration. Painting is a portrait that displays the emotions and feelings of the painter. Many paintings are made with pigment in liquid form and are applied with brushes. However, other paintings are created with powdered pigments. Painting is the oldest form of creative media and displays different cultures around the globe. Nowadays, it has become easy for everyone to make a portrait. You can paint your dog with a canvas kit. Various online stores allow the person to paint by numbers and construct a picture of your own. Paintings reflect the emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels of the human condition.

Painting supports: 

Painting media comes in a versatile form, and you can apply it on different surfaces called supports. That includes paper, plaster, canvas, lacquer, clay, wood, and concrete. Paint has two forms, such as liquid and semi-liquid state, and it can soak into porous support media. However, over time the porous media gets weak and damage. The support is covered with ground that is a mixture of a binder and chalk.

Different types of paint: 

When you go to buy painting stuff, you came across different kinds of paints. Some of them are listed below,

Encaustic paints: 

Encaustic paints are a mixture of dry pigments and a heated beeswax binder. It is brushed and spread over the support surface. For the longer manipulation, you have to reheat it. Encaustic paints were used in the first century and were used in making mummy portraits. These are strong, durable, and resonant colors of paint. Due to the presence of beeswax binder, it has a tough skin on the painting’s surface. In these paints, modern electric and gas tools were used for heating and paint manipulation.

Tempera paint: 

Tempera paints are a mixture of pigment with an egg yolk binder. Just like encaustic paints, they have been in use for thousands of years. When applied, it dries quickly into a durable matte finish. Tempera paints are applied in a thin layer known as glazes.

Fresco painting: 

Many people prefer to use fresco paintings on plaster walls and ceiling. Its medium has been in use for thousands of years. It has two forms as Buon or wet and secco or dry. As the name indicates, buon is a wet painting method, while secco is a dry painting method.

Buon fresco: 

Boun fresco technique consists of painting in pigment mixed with water on a thin layer of wet, fresh lime plaster or mortar. When the pigment is applied to the wet plaster, it absorbs it. Absorption takes several hours till the plaster dries and reacts with air. The chemical reaction fixes the pigment and particles. In this painting, there is no need for a binder due to the chemical makeup of plaster.

Secco fresco: 

It is the process of painting an image on the surface of a dry plaster wall. Secco fresco is different from Buon because it needs a binder. Egg tempera is commonly used as a binder.


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