All You Need to Know About Vapes

Have you recently taken up vaping? Is it that you are looking for some new and unforgettable experience? If yes, then you better start with a reliable vaping kit. Not only will it be hygienic, but the flavour will be top-notch too. If you are vaping to have a good time, nothing gets better than geek bar. This can be considered the gold standard in this new world of vaping kits just like the elf bar vapes.

Vaping is a less harmful and a flavour way to enjoy smoking. This makes it way better than an average puff of smoke that has nothing, but smoke. However, the vaping kit has a fair share of nicotine and your favourite flavour. If you are new to this experience, then it must be unforgettable to get you hooked with it. To make it possible, vape is there with a magnificent vaping kit that you must know. This is a Disposable Pod Device. Let’s have a look at what it is capable of giving you.

Disposable Pod Device- A Great Kit To Get The First-Timers Hooked

This vaping kit has many qualities that not only make it unique but also make it ideal for new vapers. So, what are the qualities that make it so great? Let’s have a look.

  1. Price: Price, in many cases, is a deal maker and a deal-breaker. Since you are here for a good time, it also depends on the price of the kit. Especially for first-timers, you will feel more comfortable if only a small portion of your money is put on the line. Keeping in mind these things, the vaping kit only costs 5.99 pounds.
  2. Flavour: That’s what makes vaping a million times better than conventional smoking. You not only smoke the nicotine but experience your favourite flavours too. This device comes with a plethora of refreshing and unique flavours. Some of them are Banana Ice, Blueberry Ice, Grape, Mango, Strawberry, Kiwi, and many others.
  3. Battery power: To make it live longer, it comes with a powerful battery of 500 mAh.
  4. Strength: Everyone loves strong vapes. However, if you have just started, it’s better that you start with mild concentrations. Hence, this device comes in 2 variations- 20 mg nicotine strength and 10 mg nicotine strength.
  5. Design: Its sleek and slim design facilitates its portability. Plus, it is very light in weight too.
  6. Longevity: Don’t worry about how long it can last. It can easily last 600 puffs. This is enough to get you hooked with its refreshing flavour and relaxing nicotine.


There’s a reason that elf bar vapes and geek bar are considered to be the heavyweights in vaping kit business. They are great in nearly everything. They come with vaping kits that are easy to dispose of, portable, and come with a variety of unique flavours. Plus, the nicotine strength is just perfect for first-timers and those who are already hooked.

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