6 Different Ways to include Haldi in your daily life

Haldi or Turmeric has gone from being Red Chilli Powder’s sidekick in your spice boxes to an important health ingredient in the past few years. Haldi has some shocking health benefits that have forced people who may not have liked it before to start including it in their daily lives. Read to find out what these health benefits of Haldi are and how you can use them to make several health-boosting foods and drinks!

Haldi benefits

Haldi comes from a ginger like root that is a vibrant yellow in colour. For many centuries, turmeric has been used in ancient Indian and Chinese medicine as it contains anti-bacterial and healing properties. Turmeric can treat wounds, skin issues, digestive and liver problems as well. Many Indian households today still use Haldi powder on their wounds if an anti-septic liquid isn’t available.

Ingesting turmeric too has its benefits and improves heart health and boosts mood. Haldi is good for diabetic patients as it lowers blood sugar levels. Haldi prevents inflammation and skin diseases too. One of the most common ways to add Haldi to your diet is to is to use it in curries and dals for flavour and colour. Here are 6 other ways to use Haldi in food and drinks to avail all its health benefits!

Haldi uses

Haldi Doodh: A healthy and hot milk drink that has grown overly popular due to the pandemic, Haldi Doodh is effective at killing germs, boosting immunity. It also cures a common cold or a throat infection.

This drink is made when Haldi, ginger and sugar are added to hot milk. This drink is perfect to drink at anytime and is best suited to have during mornings and evenings.

Soups and broths: Soups and broths are often considered a lighter but healthier meal option. Adding turmeric will add another flavour to your soup and add a bright colour. These can be had with rice or noodles as well.

Smoothies: Smoothies are an easy way to consume fruits and vegetables in an easy and hands-free manner. Adding a pinch or two or turmeric will increase the health factor of your drink and add a new taste to your daily smoothies!

Veggies: If you don’t want to take the traditional route of making sabjis for roti but like sauteed vegetables to have, turmeric could bring in a great dash of flavour to the veggies. Adding some ginger, paneer or tofu will really elevate your bowl of turmeric veggies too!

Rice: White rice is common and plain. If you want to add some more, flavour to it, use turmeric powder. This way, your rice will be fragrant, healthier, and fun to eat! You only need to drop half a spoon of turmeric powder to your rice and water mix and you’re good to go! To make it more flavourful you can also add star anise and cardamom!

Eggs or tofu: A beautiful yellow colour and fragrant smell can be added to your everyday eggs with the use of turmeric. It will bring a nice change to your breakfast and give you something pretty to look at too! The same can be done with tofu to make for a delicious snack!

Haldi or turmeric powder is easily available in the Indian market but it is important to get a high-quality haldi powder with no-added colour or preservatives. We recommend the Aashirvaad Turmeric Powder as it is free from impurities and any artificial colour!

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