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5 Locations Outdoor Enthusiasts Have To Visit In California

California is a state that has long been celebrated for its diverse landscapes. In fact, many credit proximity to diverse ecology and the reliable sunshine to the founding of Hollywood, since it allowed filmmakers access to film a variety of outdoor scenes easily. This has also made California a go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts too.

In addition to its stunning coastline, the state boasts a number of incredible national parks too, such as the famous Yosemite National Park, which attracts over four million visitors each year. So, if you’re a person who loves nature and wants to experience some of the most unparalleled landscapes across the country, then here are five must-visit locations to visit in California.

Highway One

Perhaps the most famous cycle route in the United States, with some considering it to be among the world’s best drives, Highway One offers an experience unlike any other. Taking a little over a week to complete in its entirety, cyclists will experience the California Coast in all its beauty, from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The route accommodates cyclists of all abilities with a number of dedicated pathways, meaning that even newcomers to cycling are supported to experience this amazing adventure.

Malibu Beach

Often cited as the birthplace of surfing, Malibu remains a central location for all watersports enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy paddleboarding. Taking to the clear waters and paddling out offers an incredible way to see LA from another angle, removing individuals from the bustle and giving them a vista that encompasses one of the state’s most beautiful coasts and city skylines.

Yosemite National Park

For some outdoor enthusiasts, it is proximity to wildlife that most appeals to them. This is why many nature lovers visit Yosemite National Park, wanting to experience animals, such as bears and bighorn sheep. Yosemite also offers the opportunity to see the largest living organism on earth, Giant Sequoia trees. But, if you’re wanting to experience the true beauty of these trees, then it’s best to head south and visit Sequoia National Park.

Lake Tahoe

On the border of California is one of the USA’s most beautiful freshwater lakes. It remains a key destination for outdoor enthusiasts, accommodating a range of different interests, from fishing and kayaking to climbing and biking. Between the mountain’s peak and the lake’s amazing depth, you’re unlikely to find such a distinct contract in altitudes elsewhere.

Big Sur

For the hikers and climbers, California offers one of the most epic mountain ranges you can find within the USA. Big Sur is a truly iconic coastline, one that is celebrated by outdoor enthusiasts and can be visited by those cycling along Highway One. There are a number of points of interest among the area’s trails, including waterfalls and the iconic Point Sur Lightstation. Camping is allowed across the mountainous region and coast but do be aware that designated sites can become extremely busy during the summer season. So, for those who want to experience the area without disruption, it’s best to visit during the quieter, colder months.

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