4 Low Impact Ways to Stay in Shape Over 40

Let’s face it, 40 is hardly old. One day when you’re living in an assisted living facility you may look back and feel like 40 was the new 20.  Yet right about the age of 40 is when your metabolism can start to shift, and getting in shape can be more challenging than it was in your younger years. 

At 40, many of us have busy jobs and families to look over which can make it challenging to follow a rigid exercise schedule. The great news is that it’s still entirely possible to stay in shape, without having to engage in high intensity activity. Here are some simple low impact exercises that you can try everyday to stay in shape over 40 and beyond.


Walking is something that can be done in conjunction with your schedule without having to go to a gym. Whether you choose to walk to work one day, or use your lunch hour to take a short stroll, incorporating more walking into your lifestyle can make a significant difference on your overall physique. 

Walking for even just 45 minutes a day at a slow pace can burn as much as 250 calories. The best part is that walking is enjoyable. You can look around at the scenery, talk with friends, or even listen to music. In other words, it’s a wonderful way to get in shape while also multitasking.


Swimming is a low impact exercise favorite. Getting a membership at your local public pool and doing a few laps every day isn’t just a great way to burn calories, but it can increase your overall muscle strength. What’s more, it’s also practical in summer during the warmer months. You can cool off while also getting in shape—what a concept!


Yoga has skyrocketed in popularity over the last several years. Although you can find a class just about anywhere, yoga is also entirely possible to do in the comfort of your own home. It’s as simple as turning on YouTube and following the poses. 

The best part about yoga is it isn’t just a great little impact exercise, but it can also be great for your mental well-being. Studies show that people who practice yoga regularly are much less susceptible to stress. If you’re someone who has a particularly stressful lifestyle, then incorporating more yoga into your life won’t just help you get in shape, but it could even make you happier.


Cycling is a great way to build your leg muscles, and also a great form of transportation that doesn’t leave a carbon footprint. Consider commuting to work by bike instead of driving, and find yourself losing weight, and saving on your gas costs— who could ask for more?

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